Have you ever walked down the supplement aisle of your local health food store and felt completely overwhelmed? If that’s the case, we can help. Your body needs plenty of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to achieve optimal health, but choosing them on your own can get complicated. At Thrive Hormonal Health and Wellness in Austin, TX, our nutritional therapy treatment plans take the guesswork out of choosing the right supplements.

What Is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy involves customizing a treatment plan that includes the right nutritional supplements to help you achieve optimal health. Sometimes, you can attempt to eat right on a daily basis yet still end up lacking the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to thrive.

If you don’t have the right amount of specific vitamins and nutrients, your immune system and overall health will suffer. With nutritional therapy, we will customize a vitamin and supplementation plan to help your body get exactly what it needs so that you can look and feel your best.


Our nutritional therapy plans can include two different forms of supplementation: oral supplements and IV infusions. We are proud to offer our patients supplements from the esteemed brand, Nutraceuticals as well as IV vitamin infusions. Both methods will deliver numerous health benefits so that you can reach your health and wellness goals and feel confident that your body has everything it needs.

Different patients have different needs. Whether you want to address a vitamin deficiency or begin a treatment plan that helps you achieve optimal health, our experts custom tailor a plan that helps you experience true health, wellness, and vitality.

Oral Supplements

There are so many different vitamin distributors, each of which formulates their supplements with different ingredients. For that reason, it can be difficult to choose the one that’s right for you or the one that has the highest quality ingredients. When you begin one of our nutritional therapy treatment plans, you won’t have to read ingredient labels or try out new products.


Nutraceuticals is a company that you can trust because not only do they use high-quality ingredients, but they create supplements that support many different aspects of your physical and mental health. These oral supplements contain high-quality ingredients that rival those store-bought supplements and can help improve your health in many ways. They can support your immune system and protect your bones and joints.

The difference between these supplements and your average store-bought supplements is that Nutraceuticals’ supplements endure rigorous testing and quality assurance processes and only contain the finest ingredients. This company is dedicated to providing solutions that can promote health, and we are proud to offer them to help our patients revamp their supplement routine.

Adding the Right Supplements to Your Daily Routine

Some of the supplements we may include in your treatment plan are those you may have never even thought to add to your daily routine. These supplements can make a significant difference in your health, immunity, and energy levels. Some of the most popular supplements offered by Nutraceuticals that we can include in your nutritional therapy treatment plan include:

  • Iron Bis-Glycinate
  • Complete Mag
  • DK/ADK 10
  • Active Probiotic ND 50
  • Iodine complete
  • DIM 150
  • Complete T
  • Complete E
  • Farmakeio Sleep

Vitamin Injections

Some people have no problem taking their vitamins orally every morning. It’s just another part of their daily routine, and they don’t think anything of it. For others, swallowing a handful of oral supplements is the last thing they’d like to do, but there is another solution. For that reason, we offer nutritional therapy treatment plans with IV injections that deliver the vitamins and nutrients that you need directly to your bloodstream.

You won’t have to swallow any pills, and your body will use 100 percent of those vitamins and nutrients as they’re administered directly into your system. At Thrive Hormonal Health and Wellness, we offer B12 injections that can promote healthy blood, increase your metabolism, support your immune system, and protect your nervous system.


Slim Boost is a B12 injectable that helps increase metabolism, boost energy levels, and promote optimal health and wellness. It can also be used to help kickstart a weight loss plan. It contains a combination of vitamins and nutrients that will help your body better metabolize carbohydrates and fats, remove toxins from your system, and promote a stable mood. It contains inositol, choline, methionine, and vitamin B12.

Who Is It Right For?

Patients from different walks of life can benefit from the Slim Boost injection. Specifically, it can help those who are looking to help promote their organ health, including the heart, pancreas, bones, skin, and teeth. It also will help promote optimal brain function and memory retention. It is an excellent injection for athletes who want to address a wound or injury that has resulted in tissue damage.


Super B Slim Boost takes Slim Boost to the next level. It is a stronger infusion designed to speed the metabolism, increase immunity, and improve energy levels. It contains vitamins that will support a strong and healthy immune system and the special B complex blend that includes vitamin B1, B3, B5, Riboflavin, and Vitamin C. It can also:

  • Increase health and well-being
  • Promote cellular health
  • Increase energy levels
  • Promote a stable mood
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Deliver anti-aging benefits
  • Prevent weight gain
  • Kickstart healthy weight loss

Who Is It Right For?

Our Super B Slim Boost injection is a vitamin infusion that can benefit patients who want to overhaul their health. If you’re suffering from hormone deficiencies, the aging process, or weight gain, this particular vitamin injection can help you reach your goals and promote weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Transform Your Health With the Right Supplements

Sometimes the key to looking and feeling better and finally losing that extra weight is the right nutritional therapy plan that can give your body the supplements it needs to thrive. Contact us today at Thrive Hormonal Health and Wellness in Austin, TX, to learn more about our treatment plans and how they can help enhance your health.