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What are Vitamin Injections?

If oral supplements aren’t your thing, then you can benefit from injectable treatments. When it comes to vitamin injectables, the concentrated dosage of injectable supplements often makes absorption more effective, which means results are better and last longer. One of the most common forms of vitamin injectables is Vitamin B12, which is known to support blood health, metabolism, the immune system, and the nervous system.

This B12 vitamin injectable is a general vitamin-packed enhancer that is known to speed up metabolism, boost energy, and promote overall good health. This particular vitamin injectable is often used to encourage weight loss. The unique blend of vitamins and essential nutrients in this injectable can eliminate toxins from the body, support mood, and increase metabolism for carbohydrates and fats.

This injectable is an ideal option for patients who want to support the health of organs, such as the heart and pancreas, as well as the skin, teeth, and bones. Because B12 is known to support the nervous system, this injectable is also useful for improving brain function and memory. Athletes can also use this treatment to help repair damaged tissue and wound healing. 

Benefits of Lipotropic Injections

This injection is packed with vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved metabolism of carbohydrates and fats
  • Energy boost
  • Speed up thought process and improve mood
  • Building blocks for cell walls
  • Essential components for normal cell and brain function
  • Help control cholesterol levels
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Promotes healthy skin, teeth, and bones
  • Promote healthy hair growth, and controlling estrogen levels
  • Accelerate weight loss
  • Help minimize unwanted water gain
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What’s In The Super B Slim Boost?

Vitamin C, Methionine, Inositol, Choline, and B12 are the major nutrients used to create these injections. Essentially, they are fat burners that aid in the elimination of bodily fat deposits while supporting the immune system. You will still need to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to lose weight, but if you’re looking to jump start your weight loss journey, a Super B Slim Boost  injection could help give you that extra boost. 


  • B12: Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is a water soluble vitamin involved in metabolism. B12 can improve fatigue, increase energy levels, and improve your metabolic rate, which helps the body burn calories more efficiently. It also helps to break down fat cells, which allows for the proper metabolism of fats. Vitamin B12 is also important for the proper functioning of the nervous system. This vitamin helps to keep the nerves healthy and prevents weight gain. When the nervous system is not functioning properly, it can lead to weight gain. This is because the body is not able to properly metabolize the food we eat.
  • Vitamin C: One of the best-known health benefits of Vitamin C is its ability to give our immune system a real boost.Vitamin C boosts the production of the white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting off infection.There is also the benefit of it being a strong antioxidant and reducing the levels of oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. Vitamin C helps detoxify the bowels, boost energy levels, burns belly fat and improves your insulin sensitivity.
  • Methionine: An essential amino acid that helps the body process and eliminate fat. Methionine is found in many proteins, including the proteins in foods and those found in the tissues and organs of your body. It is considered a building block for protein. 
  • Inositol: Works by transporting and eliminating fat from the body. Often referred to as vitamin B8, inositol is a sugar alcohol that influences insulin response and several hormones that impact mood and cognition. Its main job is to break down fats. 
  • Choline: Choline aids in the transportation of fat. Choline can help your body burn fat more efficiently,  as it promotes the body’s use of fat and may help the liver dispose of “trapped” fats.
  • B1: Also known as thiamine, this B vitamin is vital for the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. 
  • B2: Vitamin B2 is riboflavin. Enzymes in the body need it to excrete energy from food. Riboflavin can also help regulate thyroid activity and reduce inflammation. 
  • B3: Better known as niacin, this B vitamin helps your body produce energy from the foods you eat. Getting too little niacin may drain your energy making it difficult to burn more calories than you eat.
  • B5: Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, is required for producing energy in the body and keeping the nervous system healthy. Vitamin B5 can be used in weight loss to help in breaking down fats and carbohydrates. Pantothenic acid is required for maintaining healthy digestion and stimulating metabolism.

New Year, New You: How To Get Started

Giving your body the nutrients it needs can help jump start your success. Thrive is here to help you on your journey to better health! 

A weekly injection administered by the practitioner is important for anyone starting their health and weight loss program. Or you can have your practitioner prescribe a vial for once weekly home self-injection. 

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