Hormone imbalances affect both men and women at different times in their lives. If you are suffering from a hormone deficiency, we can help. At Thrive Hormonal Health & Wellness in Austin, TX, we offer hormone therapy, a treatment that will balance your hormones, and in doing so, restore balance to every area of your life.

What Is Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy, also often referred to as hormone replacement therapy, is an anti-aging treatment that restores balance to the body by addressing hormonal deficiencies in men and women. There are many different methods through which hormone replacement therapy can be administered, but at Thrive Hormonal Health & Wellness, we offer EvexiPEL pellet therapy.

Pellet therapy is what we believe is the most effective method of hormone replacement therapy because of the way that it delivers a steady stream of hormones to the body.


This treatment uses bioidentical hormones to restore balance to the hormone system. Bioidentical hormones are synthetic hormones whose molecular structure is identical to the hormones that the body produces naturally. These hormones are safe and effective not only because they are molecularly identical to the body’s hormones but because they come from natural sources like soy and yam.

They don’t cause adverse side effects like the synthetic hormones of the past derived from chemical solutions. Instead, they deliver many benefits to the body that improve overall well-being and daily life and protect the body from age-related diseases.


As soon as the hormone pellet is inserted into your body, it will begin balancing your hormones. However, it can take two weeks to begin to feel the treatment benefits. Most patients experience optimal results and balance within six months of their initial treatment. Results vary based on your health and your hormone deficiency. We can provide you with more details about how and when you will experience results at your initial consultation.


Hormone therapy is an effective and safe way to balance the body because it uses natural bioidentical hormones to alleviate the symptoms of hormone deficiencies. You will notice a change in your symptoms, and this treatment will help you feel more like yourself again. Living with the symptoms of a hormone imbalance can make you feel like a different person, but thanks to this effective treatment, we can restore vibrancy and balance to your everyday life.

The Treatment Process

There are multiple steps involved with the hormone therapy treatment process. The initial step is a consultation at our office. We will discuss your symptoms and confirm that a hormone deficiency has caused those symptoms. We will perform a comprehensive blood panel to obtain your hormone levels so that when we create your treatment plan, we can prescribe the right dosage to restore balance to your body.


Once we confirm your deficiency and determine the necessary dosage to help you achieve the best results, we will schedule your treatment. Pellet therapy treatments are quick and minimally invasive treatments. To begin, our specialist will cleanse your treatment area and then apply a topical numbing solution to the area.

The hormone pellets are smaller than a grain of rice, but they contain all of the hormones that your body needs to achieve balance and alleviate any negative symptoms affecting your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Inserting the Pellet

A tiny incision will be made in the fatty tissue of the hip or love handles, and the pellet will be inserted just below the skin’s surface. We will then secure the site with a bandage, and you will be free to go about your day. Once the hormones are in your system, your bloodstream will immediately absorb them, and they will begin to correct deficiencies and restore balance to the body.


Follow-up treatments are an important aspect of your treatment plan because they allow us to evaluate your treatment and results and make adjustments as needed. We can always add more hormones if necessary, and during these appointments, we will discuss your results to make sure you are satisfied with the treatment process.

We will walk through each step of this process with you, and you can trust that our experts will take every measure possible to help you look and feel your best by making sure that your hormonal system is in perfect harmony.

Who Is It Right For?

Hormone therapy can help balance the hormones in both men and women suffering from a hormone imbalance or a thyroid disorder. This treatment can significantly improve the lives of those who have been suffering from a hormone imbalance for any length of time.


Women in the middle of menopause often begin to feel the effects of a hormone deficiency. It is typically during this life stage that the hormones begin to decline. As a result, many negative symptoms begin to affect women, including chronic headaches, fatigue, irritability, mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, and low energy levels, among others.

However, age is the most common reason women seek out this treatment, but it’s not the only reason. Other factors that can cause a hormonal imbalance include pregnancy, genetics, illness, and lifestyle factors. This treatment is an effective way for women to restore balance to their bodies and feel stable and rejuvenated.


Like women, most men begin to notice the symptoms of a hormone imbalance during a life stage called andropause which is also referred to as male menopause. However, younger men can also experience hormone deficiencies in their 20s or 30s due to lifestyle changes, genetics, environmental factors, or disease.

This treatment can restore balance to the system and alleviate the symptoms that men experience typical of a hormone imbalance, including the inability to gain lean muscle mass, weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, and low libido, among others.

Experience All the Benefits of Balance

Whether you’re suffering from one or several symptoms of a hormone imbalance, know that there is a solution. Hormone replacement therapy can make all the difference in your physical, mental, and emotional health. It can improve your interpersonal relationships, work-life, and how you feel each day. Contact us today at Thrive Hormonal Health & Wellness in Austin, TX, to learn more about hormone replacement therapy and how it can change your life for the better.